ALBERTO MACCHI, theatrical author and producer was born in Rome, 1st February 1941. Since 1961 he has been collaborating with various cultural revues. In 1962 he has published his account of poetry. He has written dramas and comedies for the prose theatre such as “Stella C”, “Tre Morti”, “Il Tunnel” and monologues and other pièces for canaret such as “Pulcinellate”, “Stasera che serata”, “Provagenerale” and “Hakuna Matata Ndio”. He has travelled widely translating and adapting works by many authors such as Shakespeare, Courteline, Poe, Molière.

 His theatrical direction was formed in the spirit of the School of Avantguard Theatre. In the course of his travels he has studied and researched in every kind of society, bringing the theatre with him to every situation even as a Red Cross volunteer. He has studied with Lindsey Kemp, Ellen Stewart, Carmelo Bene, Jerzy Grotowski, Alessandro Fersen and is started to work with the “Beat 72 Theatre.”. In 1984, he has founded a theatrical company, Teatro 84, which for its first years of activities has been subsidised by the Ministero dello Spettacolo e del Turismo. These performances immediately have generated great interest.

But soon Macchi has abandoned his company to work with the other companies. And he has initiated a collaboration with the R. A. I. Radiotelevisione Italiana and other broadcasters and public organisations. He has received widespread recognition in the press for his publications and spectacles. With this assignements they are arrived the first widespread recognitions of and also awards for his work. Here some of his subseguent works: “Dolce Stil Nuovo in musica”: recital, by Dante Alighieri, with Alberto Macchi, at the Theatre 'La Baracca’ of Giulio Girola and Nada Fraschi, in Rome, in 1956 - “Salome”, a tragedy by Oscar Wilde, performed within the setting of the “Estate Romana”, “Roman Summer”, in 1984 - “Oedipus”, an adaptation of the work of Sophocles and Seneca, awarded with a gold medal from the Institution ‘Foyer des Artistes' - “Shakiamuni”, a theatrical pièce, by Alberto Macchi, inspired by the Oriental Theatre, in Rome, in 1978 and 1995 - “Foglie d’autunno sul Vittoriale”, a pièce arranged from the works ‘Solus ad Solam’ and ‘Notturno’ of Gabriele D’Annunzio - “Sogno, ma forse no” and “L’altro figlio”, two comedies of Luigi Pirandello for a theatre worhshop - “Wolodja Majakovskij”, a drama celebrating the centenary of his birth, at Rome in 1993 - “L’Ottobrata”, of Ettore Petrolini was the occasion to participate to the manifestation of ‘Ottobrata Trasteverina” in Rome, in 1994 - “Quando, noi morti, ci destiamo”, a drama by Henrik Hibsen; was presented at the ‘Ibsen Festival’ in Ischia, in 1987 - “Michelangelo Merigi da Caravaggio”, by Alberto Macchi; was awarded by the UNESCO Club of Trapani and was honoured with the patronage of the French Embassy at the Santa Sede.

He was represented at the Centre St. Louis de France, at the Teatro Centrale in Rome at the same time at the ‘Caravaggio Exhibition’ at the Palazzo Ruspoli always in Rome“Beato Angelico”, a theatrical pièce by Alberto Macchi, represented in Rome. It was approved by Padre Innocenzo Venchi, Postulatore Generale dell’Ordine dei Domenicani, by Dr. Magnolia Scudieri Director of the Museum of San Marco in Florence - ”S. F. Feliński” a theatrical pièce by Alberto Macchi, represented at the "Enrico Marconi" Theatre of Warsaw, in 2009 - "The Man Caravage" a theatrical pièce by Alberto Macchi, represented, with the "Esperiente" Theatrical Italian Company, by himself founded, at the "Oratorium" Theatre of Warsaw, in 2010, celebrating the 4th centenary of the death of artist; also represented in Poland in 2011. -"L'Ali d'Amore", by Irene Duclos Parenti, in Pineto/Teramo in Italy and in Częstochowa and Warsaw in Poland, with the Teatrical Company 'Esperiente', with: Astrea Amaduzzi (Soprano) and Mattia Peli (Piano) - "Cecè" by Luigi Pirandello, at the theater ”OK Ochota”, with the Teatrical Company 'Esperiente'.

In 1995 Alberto Macchi published his Unique Act “L’Uomo Caravaggio” jointly with Prof. Mina Gregori, President of the Fondazione Roberto Longhi of Florence; the preface was written by Prof. Stefania Macioce of the University La Sapienza of Rome. Nel 1996 he has visited Poland and he has became enchanted by the country and his people, then has decided to work in the artistic and cultural ambience there. His first visits was spent travelling widely and for some time studying the language and the history of Poland. He has researced much both documentary and photographic for his writings. Also there he has written theatrical works of great historic interest such as “Stanisław Poniatowski” Polish Prince, “Bona Sforza” Queen of Poland in XVI Century, “Brat Albert”, “Stanisław Kostka” and, between the years 2004 and 2006, has published in Rome the followings theatrical texts, “Arcangela Paladini”, “Irene Parenti”, “Pompeo Batoni”, “Carlo Dolci”.

 He has held courses and seminars in state owned schools. Between 1990 and 1995 he has planed a particular formula, bearing the theatre into the restaurants, among the tabes, having very success in Rome and in Italy. In the last years he also has been the artistic director and producer of many events, including the “Inaugurazione della Collazione Maranello Rosso della Ferrari” of 1990 in the Republic of San Marino, “La Bottega del Teatro” at 39th International Rome Exhibition, wirth a production for the “Telethon a Piazza Re di Roma” promoted by B. N. L., also the “Festa di San Giovanni”, as also the “Festival for 250th Anniversary of the Sactuary of Divine Love” and for the Cartier’s Convention “Veramente Falso” presented at the Hotel Excelsior, always in Rome.

 Like artistic director, has partecipated to some “Defilée di Moda” in Vicenza and Verona and like producer to the “Premio Internazinale Beato Angelico per la Polonia, in 1998, staged in the Church of St Stanislas of Poland, in Rome. In 2009 he has founded in Warsaw the "Esperiente" Italian Theatrical Company’. From 2009 to 2011 he has been the artistic director of Theatre "Enrico Marconi" in Warsaw. Alberto Macchi now lives in Warsaw and in Rome (E-mail: and continues his activities as an author, director and teacher, ever with much seriousness and always with the enthusiasm which has accompained him all his life. From 2011 he is the Artistic Director of Theatre "Vistula University" in Warsaw.









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