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GALILEO DI ILIO, pupil of V. Della Cananea, and then graduated with full marks by the Conservatory “G.Rossini” of Pesaro, under the guidance of C. Casadei.

Apprentice in the class of S. Amadori for two years, he specialized with D. Cummings.

He was admitted in his youth to the orchestral formation courses of Lanciano, under the guidance  of D. Renzetti, W. Humburg, D. Lucantoni, V. Liberman and O. Vanska.

In 1998 he attended chamber music courses under the guide of F. Ayo.

In 1995 he was awarded as soloist the absolute first prize “Dino Caravita” in the Concorso  Nazionale di Fusignano (RA), with scholarship and award concerts; in 1996 in trio (with piano and  clarinet) the second prize (first and third not given) in the Concorso Nazionale di Ruvo di Puglia; in 2000 he was awarded the first prize and scholarship in the Concorso Nazionale di Violoncello “G. Turci” of Verucchio (RN); in the 2005 he was awarded the first prize in the Concorso Nazionale di Sogliano (FO) e al Concorso Nazionale di Ortona (CH).

In 1996 he performed as soloist in the Basilica Superiore of S. Francesco in Assisi after a seven years study on Lorenzo Perosi, and in the Teatro “Rossini” of Pesaro as first cello, under the direction of M° Ritz Ortolani. He played as soloist, in duet, in several chamber formations (Duo Braga, Trio Schubert, Trio Heinichen, Trio Boccherini, Ensemble Medio Adriatico, Nuovo Quintetto Boccherini, Rossini Cello Ensemble, Ensemble Labirinto Armonico, Ensemble “Milhaud”) for the Gioventů Musicale  d’Italia, the Agimus, the Intenational baroque Music Festivals of Genova, Gorizia, and in orchestra mainly as first cello (Orch. Fil. Marchigiana, Orch. Sinf. di Pesaro, Orch. ”G. B. Pergolesi” of Jesi, Orch. Reg. delle Marche, Orch. Giovanile “F. Fenaroli”, Viotti Chamber Orchestra, Orch. dell'Accademia Adriatica, Orch. ”B. Marcello”, Ensemble Strumentale Italiano, Corelli Chamber Orchestra, Alma de Tango Ensemble, Orch. del Teatro Marrucino of Chieti, Orch. Giov. “I sinfonici”, Accademia della Libellula...).




He has recorded in duet and trio two CDs with chamber music of Gaetano Braga, in first world recording edition and distributed all over the world: the first by the Bongiovanni of Bologna and the second by Wide Classique of Teramo. He has also recorded The Church Sonatas op. V for violin and bass by A. Corelli for the Novecento Editions, the Four Concert op. VII by M. Mascitti, some sacred works by F. Fenaroli, in first world recording, and The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, as first cello, with the violinist F. Mezzena.

Some his performances were telecasted on Rai Due, Rai Tre and broadcasted on Radio Tre (The Quirinale's concerts).

From academic year 2006-2007 he teachs “cello” at the “G. Braga” Musical Institute of Teramo.






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