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Welcome to Arteconvivio Italia
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Benvenuti in Arteconvivio Italia
l'organizzazione che promuove i talenti italiani nel mondo



The AMADUZZI PELI DUO was formed in March 2011 in order to deal with a wide repertoire again, in a new refined musical expression, ranging from Sacred Music and Italian Operatic Works to rare repertoires such as, for instance, Neapolitan Songs and Dances from 13th to 20th Century (recorded in September 2011 at Teatro Marrucino in Chieti) and the Jewish Songs written by cultured music composers of Jewish Classical Music from the end of 19th Century to the Modern Era (performed publicly as first world performance on the 2012 Shoah Memorial Day at Teatro Marrucino in Chieti). The Duo has been performing in Bologna (Teatro Guardassoni), Bisenti (TE - Chiesa di S. M. degli Angeli), Pineto (TE - Villa Filiani), Montalcino (Chiesa di San Pietro), Rieti (Auditorium "Varrone", Chiesa di San Domenico, Teatro "Flavio"), Chieti (Teatro Comunale "Marrucino"), and abroad in Warsaw in cooperation with the Italian Theatrical Company "Esperiente" directed by Alberto Macchi.


The Amaduzzi Peli Duo also cooperates with contemporary composers, among whom Massimo Moretti of whom the Duo has performed in Rieti as first world performers his "Interwoven Silences - New York 2011".

   Born in Teramo in 1971, she particularly excels at belcanto repertoire and baroque music. She studied transverse flute with Livio Libbi at CEDEM in Teramo and Singing with Carmela Remigio, Biancamaria Casoni and Barbara Demaio obtaining the Diploma in Opera Singing at the Pescara Conservatoire “L.D’Annunzio” (1994) and a Degree in Branches of Music in Chamber Music with special attention to Baroque era with M° Francesco Baccini at the Institute of Higher Education in the Arts and Music “Gaetano Braga” in Teramo, presenting an essay entitled “Silence in Music” (2006).

      In 2001 she began her career as a singer and instrumentalist working with Maestri such as Massimo De Bernart, Antonello Allemandi, Alessandro Pinzauti, the organist Francesco Tasini, directors such as Alberto Macchi, Simona Marchini, Pierpaolo Pacini and many others. She has been working with Accademia Chigiana (Siena), Teatro Grande (Brescia), Teatro Verdi (Pisa), Accademia Lirica Mantovana, Fondazione Toscanini (Parma), in particular in the productions of “Le Nozze di Figaro” (Marcellina), “La Cenerentola” (Clorinda) and “Don Carlo” (Voce dal Cielo). She has also been singing as concert artist at innumerable churches and concert halls in Italy and abroad (Poland and England), covering a wide range of repertoire  from the Opera music to sacred and vocal chamber music.

      In 2000 she founded the Music Ensemble “La Compagnia di Orfeo”, taking up the role of Artistic Director as well as cooperating as a singer and instrumentalist (recorders and transverse flute).

      In October 2005 she was overall winner in the female category of the 4th Sacred Music International Competition in Rome.

      In June 2007 she got the “Diploma d’Onore” (Honour Degree) of the International Music Tournement  TIM in Rome.

      As a teacher, she held two singing workshops in Poland for the students of the Tarnow Conservatoire on vocal technique and interpretation.

      Honorary Member of Accademia Europea di Roma, in 2010 she was the founder of “Arteconvivio Italia”, the Society for promoting the Arts in Italy and abroad, in synergy with painter Anna Dell’Agata, director Alberto Macchi, flutist Tito Ciccarese and Maestro Mattia Peli with whom, since March 2011, she has been forming the voice & piano duo “Duo Amaduzzi-Peli”.



MATTIA PELI - Conductor, Pianist & Composer



      Born in Parma in 1977, he grew up musically at the Parma Conservatoire “A.Boito”. He studied: Violin with Prof. Alessandro Simoncini (Nuovo Quartetto Italiano), graduating in June 1998, under the guidance of Prof. Grazia Serradimigni (Quintetto Materassi); Composition, obtaining the 7th year Level in 1999 under the guidance of M° Emilio Ghezzi (afterwards Headmaster of the Parma Conservatoire) and Piano (till the 10th year course), graduating in June 2001 in piano (Diploma ABRSM in Piano Performing) “with distinction” by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London.

      Meanwhile he has been studying Orchestra Conducting attending Summer and Annual Courses, from 1994 till 2007, with M° Julius Kalmar (pupil of Hans Swarowsky and teacher at the Academies of Music in Vienna and Hamburg), M° Yuri Ahronovitch (Riva Festival), M° Bruno Aprea (Cava de' Tirreni-Salerno) and M° Isaac Karabtchevsky (Riva Festival). In September 2005 he graduated in Orchestra Conducting under the guidance of M° Manlio Benzi at the Conservatoire “G. Rossini” in Pesaro. He has studied History of Music with Prof. Gustavo Marchesi and Aesthetics of Music with Prof. Giordano Montecchi. He had also attended Advanced Courses between 1994 and 2001: in violin, with Prof. Ivan Rabaglia (Trio di Parma) and Prof. Franco Mezzena, in piano, with Prof. Oxana Yablonskaya.    

      In 1997 he founded the String Open Orchestra “Giovane Emilia” , in Parma making his début as a conductor at “Corale G. Verdi” of Parma in 1998.

      Since 2000 he has been giving concerts as a conductor (Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana, Orchestra Giovanile “Cherubini”, String Ensemble of the Bavarian House of Odessa, Orchestra of the Theatre of Cluy) and as a concert pianist, soloist and in vocal chamber ensemble, in Italy, Riva del Garda (Palazzo dei Congressi, Auditorium of the Conservatoire), Ferrara (Cultural Institute “Casa Cini”), Parma (“Corale Verdi”), Ravenna (“Casa dell’arte”, “Sala Forum”), Forlì (Palazzo Albicini, Chiesa del Ravaldino), Bologna (Jewish Synagogue, Teatro Guardassoni), Pesaro (Auditorium “Pedrotti”), Ancona (Auditorium di Pietralacroce, Accademia Musicale), Rieti (Auditorium Varrone,  Chiesa di San Domenico, Teatro Flavio), Frascati - Roma (Auditorium delle Scuderie Aldobrandini) and abroad in Stockholm (Porcelain Museum of Gustavsberg, Library Hall of the Royal Castle), London (Spiro Ark Centre), Regensburg (Festsaal des Bezirks Oberpfalz, Jewish Synagogue) and in Israel (“Yad Lebanim” Hall of “Victims of Terrorism Center” in Afula, “Christ Church” in Old Jerusalem).

      As a composer, his own music have been performed in Parma (Sala Verdi of the Conservatoire, Teatro Regio) and abroad in Barcellona, Madrid (Circulo de Bellas Artes), Tegucigalpa (Honduras, Instituto Hondureno de Cultura Hispanica), London (Purcell Room) and Paris (Université Vincennes-Saint-Denis, Amphithéâtre X). He has been publishing his own works with the publisher “L'Oca del Cairo” of Parma since 2001.




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